Pastured Poultry

For those not familiar with the pastured poultry model,
it goes like this: 

The chickens are housed in floorless pens (known as "chicken tractors") that give them direct access to grasses, weeds, insects and bugs, as well as fresh air and sunshine. The pens are moved at least once daily allowing regular access to fresh pasture.  It’s estimated that chickens can supply 25% of their diet this way making for healthier, happier and ultimately, tastier birds. The quality difference between pastured chickens and conventional, containment housed, store bought chickens is stark and we invite you to try it. The birds are fed certified organic feed and live on certified organic pasture. There are never any antibiotics or pesticides/herbicides. We are pleased to announce that our meat chickens were designated Certified Organic by NOFA-NY Certified Organic, LLC effective June 2010.

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